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All New Layaway Plan - Effective 06-25-2019

You can mail payments to:
BGA School Buses, Inc.
12121 Little Rd Unit 281
Hudson, FL 34667

Please Call 727-856-3000 or email greg@bgasales.net if you would like to wire the funds.

If you are starting a new layaway, please call to verify the bus is still available.

Now you can get the bus of your dreams!  See a bus you want, put it on layaway.  Pay no service fees* & No Interest!

We will take up to $500 one time on a credit card, to put a bus on layaway.
If you wish to use a credit card to start layaway, you need to fill out an authorization form.
Click here to download credit card authorization form.

After the first card payment, all future payments must be made via:
Check, Money Order, Online Bill Pay, or Direct Deposit
*You can wire the funds.  There is a $25 wire fee for all wires received.

The layaway plan works as follows.

Buses Under $10,000
click here for buses $10,000 or over
Buses $10,000 or Over
  • To place a bus on layaway, you need to put down at least a $100 deposit.
  • Every $200 you pay on the bus adds 7 additional days.
  • The bus must have layaway payments equal to or greater than 60% of the purchase price within 30 days.
  • If the deposit doesn't equal 60% within 30 days, your layaway will be refunded minus a $1,000 restocking fee.
  • For the first 13 weeks, there is no storage fee for holding a bus.  This gives you 3 months to pay off your bus with no fees & no storage.
  • After the first 13 weeks, there is a $25 per week storage fee. You can still pay $200 per week, but only $175 will apply towards the balance.
  • All payments (minus storage fees) go towards your balance. There is no service fee to use our layaway plan.
  • If you have a bus/vehicle on layaway for at least 6 weeks or change your layaway to another bus, there are restocking fees based on how long the bus has been on layaway, or how many times you have changed buses.  The fees can be seen in the box below.
  • # of Changes OR
    Weeks Since Layaway Started
    Restock Fee
    # of Changes OR
    Weeks Since Layaway Started
    Restock Fee
    up to 6
  • All layaway payments are non-refundable.  They are transferable to any other bus or service BGA offers.  *subject to re-stocking fees.  They never expire.
  • If you fail to pay the layaway payment, your bus may be sold to someone else.  Your payments are never lost.  They are transferable to any other bus or service.
  • For a bus to be eligible, it must be located in FL
  • Only one (1) bus may be on layaway per customer at a time.
  • Please ask any questions by emailing greg@bgasales.net or calling 727-856-3000.
  • Prices for layaway and/or storage are subject to change with a 2 week notice.

We can deliver any of our vehicles to your doorstep.  Click here for more info.